The PROPKA Web Interface

Download the PROPKA source code and scripts: PROPKA Download.
PROPKA plug-in for VMD can be downloaded here

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PROPKA 3.1 (protein-ligand) PROPKA 3.0 (protein only) PROPKA 2.0 (protein-ligand)

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The PROPKA method is developed by the
Jensen Research Group
Department of Chemistry
University of Copenhagen

Please cite these references in publications:

If you use the PROPKA GUI please cite this reference: Reprints can be obtained by contacting Jan Jensen.

Use PROPKA and PDB2PQR to add hydrogens to your x-ray structure: PDB2PQR

The PROPKA web interface was created by Donald Ephraim Curtis with help from Todd Dolinsky and Nathan Baker
PROPKA 2.0 added by David M. Rogers
PROPKA 3.0 and 3.1 added by Chresten R. Søndergaard

Last Updated November 23th, 2012